Monday, November 25, 2013

Let it Snow!!!

It's been snowing here for a couple of days, but most of it is melting as fast as it comes down.  Roads are dry, so my sis and I went thrift store shopping today.  I was in a snowy mood for sure!  Found this cute photo frame:

and this metal photo frame:

and this metal sleigh:

and this candle ring

came home and started taking the frames and the candle ring apart and reassembling them on the sleigh on top of the snowmen that were there.  You can see the metal showman from the frame on the lower right and the plastic snowmen to the left of him:

the other metal tree to the left.  I painted the entire sleigh with Cool Pool Blue Ranger dabber.  OK, that dabber is 6 years old and the paint inside is still good! I think that's pretty amazing.

I put the greenery around the bottom, added a ribbon, stickled the background, the greenery with crystal stickles.

It's got great depth.  I love all the shadows as well as the detail….

So much better than the original sleigh.  And the colors are updated.  I'm going to let it dry overnight and then hang it outside by my front door in the morning.

Recycled art - something that I love doing.  All 4 items totaled $8.00.  Love the thrift stores around here!!!

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Linda Peterson said...

I love it! Now i wish i hadnt sold my sleigh last year at the garage sale!!!! What was I thinking?????