Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Copic techniques

As soon as I can (I'm traveling right now),  I hope to make a video showing how to do this with your copic markers, airbrush, and various inks (copic refills).  This is just so fun and easy.  And I do love the results.  Did a bit of experimenting with sealers and still not sure which one I like best.  In this first one, I sprayed too close to the lower right hand corner and you can see where it started to bleed out.  

I love the "grass" effect on the bottom as well.

This was sealed with a satin finish and I don't like that.  If you're working on tile, leave it glossy.  But it is something different, so I like it for that aspect.  :o)

These all started a white tiles.  I can just see my kitchen done in a series of images....wouldn't that be cool?  Or how about the bathroom?  Heck....I think this might just go down the hall!  I really like the results with this one and I've got about 15 more ideas to experiment with before we do the video.

Stencils are by DreamWeaver Stencils.....go stock up!!!  But here's my warning....she's starting to get dies to go with the stencils!!!  Check out the tree I used above.  You are going to want them all!!!

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