Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jennifer Dove's Arizona Boot Camp

copyright Jennifer Dove

Ya think you can color?  These are Jenn's boots from her Boot Camp.  I just participated in this year's Arizona camp.....and I'm here to tell you to get on her list and sign up now for the next one!!!  You won't be sorry!!!

Or take a look at her "Color of the Day" on her blog where she blends markers to create a new color just for that day.  I think she's up to 89 today!

I've taken all of her Color of the Day tags and put them into a single pdf file here.  (download it to your own desktop and the colors will show up much better than in google's online pdf viewer). You can add to it after today!

And then I've created a list of all the copic markers you need in order to complete all of the Color of the Day tags up to today.....just so you know what you need to order (and don't forget the refills!!!)  You can click here to pick up that pdf file.

I did a few quick demos with airbrushing and various inks, but I had never really spent time blending markers until Jenn's Boot Camp.  Oh, what fun!  I've placed my order for more and more and more markers.....how many do you need???  :o)

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