Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Painted pavers

Been awhile since I've blogged, huh?  I have just been too busy!!!  Some days, I'm not so sure that's such a good thing.  But I am happy.  Content.  Enjoying gardening.  Who knew?  And I "hate" Pinterest!  LOL!!!

So, I saw these pavers (on Pinterest) that Crafty Chica did and knew that I had to make my own version.  The first 2 are pretty close to what she did.  And she used individual bricks.  Mine are done on pavers that are 8" wide and 15" long.  About the equivalent of 4 bricks each.

and I found the 3 little flowers (cement) at a thrift store and repainted them to match:

I painted on words "Welcome to my Garden, where I grow happiness."  I thought that was the perfect sentiment for my summer gardening.

I used Ranger's dimensional pearl paints, some Plaid acrylic paints, a black sharpie marker and then after letting them dry for 48 hours, I sealed them with cement sealer.  I do love the shimmer that the pearl paints provided.  I continue to try to use up my stash so I can have room for more "stuff" in my little studio!  I think this was the perfect use of acrylic paints!

The bottom tile, well, if I have the time, I'll blog again tomorrow.  I painted these same birds on pillows in my house this summer.  I thought they were just perfect for these pavers.

The shadows were just wrong this morning!  But the pavers are the entrance to an arbor and a path that goes to a gate entering my back yard.  OK, so you need to come see just what it looks like in real life!

I ended up putting the flowers down the side.  I have another path and a whole patio to finish up next.  Really - August 6??  Where has my summer gone?  I hope those who do come to visit will enjoy these brightly painted pavers as they wander through my flowers.  :o)

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