Saturday, August 17, 2013

I love Hobby Lobby's 80% off sales at the end of the season.  I can always find something.  OK - I can always find way too many things!  This year, they had this big pillows with words like "Relax", "Sit", "Rest" on them.  While I didn't like the words, I thought the pillows had great potential.  The one on the right is as sold.  The 2 on the left are just pillow covers that HL has half off every 2 - 3 weeks.  I used my cricut and the Home Accents and Decor cartridges to get the bird on the left and the flowers.  I'll blog "tomorrow" about the bird on the right!

So those 2 pillows were the inspiration for the birds on the bottom of the pavers in my last post.

Below, the lamp is another HL find, but it was silver with a white shade.  I used turquoise acrylic paint and the new Krylon mirror paint and simply love how it turned out!

Here's a close-up of the lamp - it is just perfect!  Oh, and I just spray painted the shade with some tan paint.  Who knew it would turn out looking so much like burlap?

I used my cricut again to cut out these designs, then traced around them on fabric and filled them in.  Used a fabric marker to start, but a sharpie works just fine!

I have 2 very long sofas in my tiny living room.  So for the other sofa, I bought more of the big pillows with words on them and then added ribbon and flowers to cover the words.  Easy to sew it on - these pillows had zippers in the covers, so easy to remove.

The tiny printed pillow was 80% off at HL and the lamp shade was half off.  So a whole new look for not much of anything!

The pillow in front is a plain cover where I added ribbon and flowers.  Some of those flowers were from the jewelry and hair embellishment departments.  The pillow in the back - that's a piece of printed burlap from the fabric department.  The Cali-lillies were 99 cents at the thrift store and they are down in a group of lighted pussy willow stems.  99 cents!!!  All I had to do was iron and re-shape them.  One of my favorite flowers!  

and mom painted cali-lillies for me years ago - I am so blessed to have a home full of her wonderful art!

Now, decorating my home really isn't an excuse for not blogging.......but just wait!  I love using my cricut, hot glue gun and other craft tools to create a nest I love coming home to!

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