Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why I don't have time to blog!

I had just blogged about the pavers I had made for my front path and that Friday night, 8/9, we had a downpour like I've never seen,  Imagine my surprise when I looked out the back window and saw this flood running down my alley!

I hadn't quite finished the path from the cottage to the shed and it completely filled up with water

Just pouring off the roof and you can see my 2 new flower beds (I was in the process of putting in a paver walkway) totally washed out and down into my front yard.  The water was so forceful that it moved the pavers I already had in the ground!

My lilac beds have about 2" of mud on top of the mulch.  The new beds on the corners were completely washed away.

20 minutes after it quit raining, this is my back alley.  I ended up with a 10" drop-off in front of the trash can and about half way up my drive.  Thank goodness the former owner had built this up and my back yard didn't get flooded!

Ah!  Here's the source!  The water just poured off the hogbacks and split at the street behind me, flooding my neighbor's drive....

And gushing out of his fence into the alley.  Mind you, this is 20 minutes after it STOPPED raining!  Wow!

So, for the past week, I have been digging up sand and gravel in the alley and rebuilding the drive so I can get in and out.  Then I had to completely re-do the 2 flower beds that were wiped out. I haven't even started cleaning the mud out of the beds on the corner or the lilac beds.  Just more than I can handle.  But I'm getting there!  And it's probably going to be better when I get everything re-done as I will build it up so hopefully this doesn't happen again.  (OK, I can tell myself it won't happen again!)

The neighbors assured me this doesn't happen very often!  I sure hope not.  But if you wonder why I don't blog much any more - here's just one tiny reason!!!

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