Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Zoo overalls

Here's the second store sample I did this past weekend.  Not near as thick as the dress, and I added more photo holders.  I wanted to show how different you could make these look.  Used Vintage Photo Distress Inks on this one.  Did not distress the girl.  Again, can be seen at Design UR Memories

Acrylic cover has just the 2 yellow monkeys on it
 Paper overalls.  Used a Ranger white pen to outline against the dark background and add the stitching. Used my "make your own basic gray paper" for the shorts.  Sort of fun showing the other croppers how to do this.

 The back side of the overalls with a photo holder
 Next is an acrylic shirt that only has the 2 tigers, 2 strips of ribbon and a bottom painted to look like grass
 this is the back side of the acrylic over the inside of the front overalls
 paper shirt
 The back of the paper shirt has a pocket with 2 tags inside it.  Showed the croppers these techniques.  The tag on the left includes the embellishment that I made out of the ugliest piece of paper we could find.  Turned out gorgeous!
 By now, I was getting tired and lazy.  Just a clear acrylic over paper
 Large photo frame on the back of this shirt
 Used acrylic paint on this acrylic shirt to frame the next shirt
 This is the shirt with a tearbear in a pocket.
 The back of the shirt with another photo place
 And on the last page, I made suspenders on the acrylic and left the overalls blank.  Just use your imagination!!!
Yep, after cropping til almost midnight on Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday, I came home and slept 10 1/2 hours!!!  Probably won't do that again!!!  But it sure was fun!!!

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