Monday, November 19, 2012

Cutest store sample ever!

I spent the weekend at a scrapbook crop at our local scrapbook store and made a couple of samples for the store.  You can see them in person at Design U'R Memories

Clear acrylic album, pages are dresses or aprons.  Click on each photo to make it larger.  
Some are fronts, others are backs and these are not necessarily in the order they are in the book.  But I still think each page came out cute

Acrylic Jumper front

Acrylic jumper back

Acrylic dress under cover jumper

Paper dress under acrylic cover jumper
 acrylic dress over paper
 Paper under above acrylic
 Acrylic over paper
 Paper under above acrylic
 dress skirt opens up to shaped honeycomb paper skirt
 Then flip the book over and this is the acrylic on the back page
 Paper page under above acrylic
 Paper with above acrylic removed
 Acrylic over paper
 Paper under above acrylic
 Wrote a short marketing poem for the store

 Back of one of the above pages.  Loved making the tear bears!
 Tomorrow night I will blog the boys overall acrylic book that I barely finished as well!

It's always fun to spend a weekend playing!!!

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