Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas card kit

I am so truly blessed!  I now live in a tiny little place that has a great stamp store and a great scrapbook store.  I am getting dizzy from all the classes they offer!!!  Are you jealous yet!!!

I took this class last week at the scrapbook store.  It was labeled "Christmas cards".  I do not celebrate Christmas.  So I gave myself a challenge to see what I could do with this card kit from Hot Off the Press.  Now, the only students were myself, my sister, and my good friend, Kathy, who came to visit for a week.  Well, needless to stay, the instructor really, truly tried to teach, but she lost complete control after about 5 minutes and decided to just sit back and watch us do our own thing.  I swear, this is the most fun class I've taken ever!!!

Here are the cards I created.  The package cover is below (well, except for the tiny gingerbread that I cut out of the packaging to use inside the door of the gingerbread house.

All tags
 The corners are a snowflake cut in quarters
 The flower petals are the insides of the snowflake above
 Cut words out of tags and inked to make the phrase I wanted
 Used a stamp on the tag (the kit did say you could use your own sayings on the tags!)

 Used 2 banners to make the Star of David
 109 pieces in this kit - tons left over
 The big snowflake as shown on the kit packaging

So, I think a lot of manufacturers miss the boat with holiday stuff.  There are more and more of us who are opting out of holidays.....or do not celebrate because of our religious beliefs.  Just think how much more they could sell if their marketing departments would show creative alternative ways to use their product.  At least this kit did not have Santas all over the paper.....but if it had, I would have just inked the paper and die cut it into flourishes.  Fun stuff!!!  All 6 cards came from this single kit.

How fun to have so many classes just blocks from my house!!!

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