Sunday, December 30, 2012

The RugDoctor

Are you like me?  I NEVER believe commercials or ads.  But I am now a huge fan of the RugDoctor.  I still cannot believe how clean it got the carpet in the apartment attached to Kerry's dad's house!  It's not easy to use (we rented the wide machine) and you have to mix and fill 3 1/2 gallons of cleaning fluid every 2 swipes......but look what it did!!!

This is one pass through!  Not pre-treated or anything.

A better view of the first pass through

This is after 2 passes and a pre-treat in parts of the area.

Grandma had a jazzy wheelchair.  Nice chair, but it obviously left tire treads in the hallway.  Guess she used that closet a lot, huh?

Pretreated and 4 passes later.....carpet looks good as new!

If you know me, you know that I love to experiment.  So here's what I found works best with the RugDoctor.  On really black spots like above, I first used a foam rug spray,  and let it set overnight, then vacuumed it up.  Then I pretreated it with RugDoctor's heavy traffic spray.  Then I used the machine.  But I moved it so incredibly slow.  I used a 3 1/2 gallon (full) tank in just 5'.  The worst thing is having to refill the tank so often....but the results are amazing.  

The instructions tell you to keep the machine in motion and that is true, but the slower the motion, the more rotations the brush will do per inch in the carpet.  You can tell if it's working because the dirty water/foam can be seen going into the upper bucket.  As long as you can see that, you can move as slow as you want.  And with the pre-treating, all I needed was 1 pass in most places.  

I had one really tough spot and after 4 passes, I decided to try some Resolve powder that you sprinkle down and then scrub in with a brush.  Waited 25 minutes and vacuumed that up.  Then pre-treated with RugDoctor heavy traffic spray, waited 10 minutes and ran the RugDoctor over it.  Cleaned the worst area just fine.

Yes, it took 24 hours - but then I am old and very, very slow!  But Kerry and his dad were both amazed at the results!!!  and here we thought we would have to get the carpet replaced!  

I'd recommend the Rug Doctor to anyone!!!  And no, they didn't pay me to say that!!!

Next up - cleaning the kitchen cabinets - 30 years of grease and dirty fingers caked on them.  Any suggestions???  :o)

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