Friday, June 29, 2012

To the rescue!!!

Well, first, let me tell you about my week.  I said I was going to start blogging again....and then I get sick as a dog!  Picked up some stomach bug and have been asleep since Tuesday morning!  Stomach flu, fever, so weak I couldn't get out of bed, didn't eat for 3 days!!!  And we all know I have to be terribly sick to not eat!!!  But this morning - I'm back on track.   Called Colleen and asked if she wanted me to drive her around to look at houses. Of course....I really wanted to go to garage sales!!!  LOL!!!

I love Willow Tree images.  And today, I found a poor broken angel for just 50 cents!!!  Her ponytail had been glued on and then broken off again....lots of glue build up.

She looked just fine from the front.....but I needed to rescue her!

Started out with undu to remove all the glue.  Some was so thick I used my craftknife to scrape it off.

If you do not have a detail sander that looks like this, you must get one!  They sand in the tiniest places and are just a great little tool!!!    I think it's only $4.00.  Used this to sand both pieces so they would adhere better to each other.

527 is the absolute best glue I have found for adhering broken china, pottery, figurines, etc.  Let it dry for about 20 minutes.  I find it at hardware stores in Colorado.  It's not glue, be sure to get the one that says "multi-purpose cement".

Next, I used 3 shades of ranger paint dabbers and 1 shade of memory makers paint to mix up the perfect match for her hair color.  And it really did come out a perfect match!

I used my detail sander to distress her hair:

And no one will ever know she once was ponytail-less!!!

She is just beautiful!

and won for 50 cents

and a few moments of my time

This is my "family grouping" that I have created over the past year - finding most of them at thrift stores for $.99 each.  The artist is Susan Lordi and I would love to be able to design like she does!

50 cents and a little rescue you know why I'm such a garage sale addict!  And no, Colleen didn't find a house today.  Dare we try this again tomorrow?  LOL!!!


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Neet said...

I too have a small collection of these, but bought at full price I am afraid. They are lovely aren't they and each one I have celebrates something in my life, or is from someone special as a gift.
Hugs, neet xx