Friday, July 27, 2012

Art in the Yard

Art isn't just in the studio....and I'm taking mine out into the yard.  And having an absolute blast!  So I thought today I'd share a little of what I've been doing.

My plan is to eventually have the entire front and back yards in flower gardens with paths you can walk on, water features, things to look at.  We finished putting in a gardening shed and I'll have a craft cottage one of these days.  But today.....

"Ima Potts"

Isn't she just too cute?  She's sporting her Lucy McGoo apron and hat...but she is actually life sized....made with clay pots, rope and moss.  And a pair of crocs for her shoes.  Notice her "hair"?

and then, there's "bitty potts".....  made with tiny little pots.  Those hands are just an inch tall.  Sitting in a doll's wicker chair.  Colleen made the big one, I made the baby.  About a foot tall is all.

I've decided to have "spots" in my garden.  I have a whole scrapbook with poems about "spots" and I'm basing my garden from that.  There will be a painting spot, a praying spot.....this is the potting spot. I took broken pots and dug holes in the ground and put the pieces together in the ground.  The roots will grow out of the pots and spread.

It's only about 2' x 3', but just so much fun!  My potting spot.  See the bluebird?  You can click on the photos to make them larger.


The idea is that you can walk into the potting garden, sit on the bench and have your photo taken with Ima Potts.  Are you laughing yet?

It will take me years to get the back yard done....and then I'll start in on the front yard.  But by doing little "spots" - I can see progress and am just having fun.....being creative, taking my art out into the yard.


Neet said...

Jen, what a lovely smile you gave me this morning. I think that is a wonderful idea. So damned creative - I love you and your ideas.
Hugs, neet xx

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Thanks, Neet, but this one is all Colleens idea! So fun to have such a creative family!