Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How do you meet local artists?

Take a class!!!  Which is exactly what I've decided to do and there is no place to start but the Stamp House.    Judi is just a hoot to be around and I've signed up for 4 more classes....and may add more to that.

In this class we simply took an ink pen and covered it with green glitter and stuck a flower on the end of it.

Then we tied tons of ribbon, fabric and lace to the edge of a journal.  I also used my distress inks to tone down the peach and bring up the pink in the rose.

Then I stippled on stickles glitter with my finger

and the finished product with the pen down inside the o-rings, quite fun!  Easy, quick, simple.

Maybe I'll donate this as a prize or something at mom's retirement center.  And I did meet some very nice ladies.  I'm looking forward to my next classes at the stamp house!

But I'm not just a stamper, so I'm heading down to the local scrapbook store tomorrow to sign up for a class over there!  Well, after I help Colleen move into her new duplex apartment.  You know, as long as that thermometer is upside down on the ground....I don't notice the heat near as much!!!

Taking a class is really a great thing to do when it's this hot!  I'm thinking I need to go to the thrift store and find more cheap journals I can embellish!  If you give it a try, send me pics and I'll post them here.

As an update to the Colorado fires - I just read online that the Flying W Ranch in Colorado Springs has burnt to the ground and that the Air Force Academy is being evacuated.  This is truly sad.  I remember going to the Flying W back in the 70s.  Such a beautiful place and it had been in business since 1953.  May Jehovah Jesus Messiah be gracious and spare this state from any more losses.  

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