Monday, June 25, 2012

You know you're home when you hang the paintings!

Mom is a fantastic watercolor artist and over the years, she has given me so many of her wonderful paintings and I love to share them with all my friends and family. So as my collection has grown, they were rearranged on the walls until I had "collages" of her paintings.  And each time I added a painting - thus moving all he others to line them up, it was a chore to line them up perfectly square.

Who knew a piece of wood and a screw could be so handy?  You can use a ruler as well.

 Just center the screw in the end of the wood, about an inch from the bottom:

 Then hang the painting by the wire onto the screw.....make sure the pointy end is facing the back

Position the painting where you want it (it will be level if you have the wire centered on the screw.)  Hold your paint holder by the other end.  When you get it where you want it, press the screw into the wall.  This tiny hole is the bottom of the photo hanger that you put into the wall.

Centered every time....the first time.  No more holes to putty and paint over!

And a whole wall done in under an hour!!!

Art wall collages are such a great way to hang a multitude of paintings and has worked great here since we are downsizing from 3700 SF to 1120 SF.....noticeably less walls!

But here's the best thing ever.....I went from 31 windows to 6!  Can you imagine....I can wash every window in this house is just a couple of hours!!!  I LOVE it!!!

We bought a thermometer and put it in the direct sun with no shade and no breeze.  Got to 108 yesterday and then the wind blew it down.  I think I'll leave it upside down on the ground....I just don't want to know it's that hot.  LOL!!! And no - no fires near us, praise Jehovah!!!  The rest of Colorado is ablaze and most evenings you can smell the smoke outside.

So here's today's question.  How do you create when it's so hot you don't feel like moving???


Mary's Museum said...

I put the air conditioner on, as the fan blows everything from one side of the room to the other.
I'm afraid I love the heat.. hate the cold.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

You should definitely move here if you love the heat! LOL!!! NOT ME!!! At least not this much heat! We are in the process of getting estimates for central AC as this swamp cooler isn't blowing anything except the heat in from the outside! LOL!!!