Monday, December 26, 2011

Night 7 of 8 nights of lights 2011 - recycling container candles

Tonight, it is the practice to reinforce the rituals of the past 6 nights. So, tell the story of the great battle, eat more good food, share some humor, play some games....and truly just enjoy the blessings of life.  

So, it's about repeating....or recycling....and that's what I'm going to do in tonight's video:

Can you imagine someone tossing out a $20 candle???  Barely used from the looks of it!  And the smell of Cotton!  Fresh laundry....clothes on the line on a hot summer's day....yumm!!!

And just looks brand new!!!

I did want to mention the Milwaukee heat tool I used in this video. It gets HOT!  Don't let the kids use it.  It can catch paper on fire quite quickly.  And it's not cheap. is powerful and will melt wax quickly and it will also melt UTEE and other stamp products quick.  I think a well furbished studio will have both - a Milwaukee for when you need heat fast, and a Heat-It tool....for a cooler heating.

So while the rest of you were running to the mall to the after Christmas sales today.....I went to my local thrift store to see what I could find that you had tossed away!!!

But with all the candle making fun we're having this week (have you tried it all out yet?) don't forget that Hanukkah is a story about people fighting for the right to believe what they want to believe, for the men who cleansed the temple, and for a unimaginable tiny amount of oil that miraculously lasted for eight nights when it should have only lasted for one night.

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