Sunday, December 25, 2011

Night 6 of 8 nights of lights 2011 - humor

Tonight is about humor.  I love experimenting as an artist, and I have had so many flops over the years.  This month I've been making candles and experimenting with scrapbook products.  Well, I thought I would do a video from beginning to end and share how many times (6) I had to try to get this to work.  But my youtube viewers did NOT like it!  They sent me tons of I edited the video to shorten it and only show the actual parts that worked!

And I decided that was pretty funny.  Lesson learned....never video your mistakes!!

Then I had to edit this blog to put in the new video because the old one is gone!  ha ha!  I really like to make work for myself!  I learned, too, that my youtube viewers don't necessarily read my blog!  Go figure!

So, I went to all that trouble to make a circle with candles on it, try to attach it to the circle paper tube to slide over the candle....doing everything in a circle.  When it was all done, I sat here and asked myself, "Why didn't I just do the whole thing flat.....then wrap it around the candle after it dried?  It would have been so much easier!  LOL!!!

The final product isn't too bad:

I took the actual candles and melted some wax between them and put them around a blue candle.  Tied them with a wick. Sort of like this one:

And one more tonight.  I poured wax into a tiny teacup.  Then took a little bit of warm wax and whipped it with a wisk.  Put it on top and then added some prism glitter.  I like how this one turned out:

Think anyone will ask for a drink?  :o)

I hope that on this 6th night of Hanukkah that you find humor in whatever you do!  It's just a good thing that I do!!!

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