Saturday, December 24, 2011

Night 5 of the 8 nights of lights 2011 - using cupcake molds for candles

Tonight, on this 5th night, we share our gratitude and remember our blessings. Oh! What an amazing year this has been! My life has never been more blessed than it is right now and I wake up every morning just thanking Jehovah for life.....and for His Light!

But the year didn't start out this well.  As many of you know, Kerry had 2 spinal fusion surgeries, His body functions completely shut down, it took 8 dialysis treatments to get his kidneys to wake up and 3 weeks for other body parts to wake back up.

I remember one night in particular when I did not think he would live until morning.  I came home and put my prayer shawl over my head and shoulders, wrapped myself up inside of it, went inside my closet, shut the door and prayed like I never have before.

It was not my prayer that was heard, but the sheer volume of prayers going up around the world, thanks to each of you.

I met so many new people through this experience, made lifetime friends, and truly understood what love is.  Kerry's life was one light that brought so many others together.  And each of your lights still shine in my heart today.  I am most grateful for my family and friends, Kerry's team at IBM, my art pals, and my genealogy friends.  Each of you is but one light, but together, you make the whole world shine!!!

So tonight, I was looking for new ideas to make candles to light.  I decided to try my luck at cupcake molds!  Who knew that you can turn a cupcake shape into a candle!!!

I used 2 different colors of wax and 2 different colors of stickles glitter.  I think they are gorgeous!

So on this 5th night of Hanukkah, let your light shine wherever you go, and share your blessings with everyone you know.


Mary said...

Jen, from our family to your family, Happy Hanukkah and wishes for a most Blessed New Year.

Unknown said...

Jen hi
My name is Rachael from Israel.
I just saw this video on YouTube and fell in love with these Star of David molds and candles.
I haven't seen them in Israel and would love them.
I am looking in to making my own candles.
Where did you get them.

Thanks Rachael