Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Night 2 - Eight Nights of Lights 2011 - cleaning old candles

On this second night of lights, the tradition is to host a party and exchange gifts. To me, these are more secular traditions, probably established by merging a bit of Christmas tradition into the Hanukah celebrations. But I do agree that Hanukkah should be a joyous celebration. 

 My brother sent me this great link.....there's so much stuff here about Hanukkah it makes your head spin! And spinning the dreidle is quite the fun game - unless you end up with all your coins in the pot! 

Tonight, we light the second candle.  But what if your candles get dirty from one year to the next?  Or dinged up.  Can you save them?  Or do you just toss them out and go buy new ones???  I've been tossing old candles out for years. Oh, what a mistake that was!!!

There are several wax removing products on the market, I like "Wax Away" which I get at McGuckins in Boulder (it's a hardware store.)

When you pour your own candles, you use sand paper to flatten the bottoms.  It does get wax on it quite quickly and here's my tip for cleaning it so you can use it over and over!

And now - some of my refurbished candles:

This first one was a simple ball that I just cleaned up with wax away and added the peel-off.  The candle and stand totaled $1

I found this candle and cleaned up the glass/mirrors and added mini star decals


but when I put it on this stand.....just perfect!

this candle is in the shape of a star, but gold, and quite cracked


so I covered it with silver alcohol ink

and then a layer of crystal stickles.  Covered up every crack!

This was so dirty and the wax away cleaned it right up.  Looks brand new!  It was $1

and here's the candle from the video.  I added a strand of beaded ribbon.

And finally, a new Chanukkah song - I think everyone will enjoy this one!

May He bless you to the highest heights with His miracles:

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