Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Night 1, Eight Nights of Lights 2011 - paper on candles???

So, why Hanukkah if I'm not Jewish? Well, the word Hanukkah is Hebrew for "dedication". The festival of lights is held to celebrate the miracle of the oil lamps.....but it is also a celebration of the determination of a people to defend their right to worship in their own way without interfence. I simply stand in solidarity with them.

The feast of Dedication is referenced in Daniel 11:31 and John 10:22. But the story is told in 1 Macc 4:52-59.  On this night, you tell the story of why the holiday is celebrated - the great battle, the great victory, the oil that sustained.

And on this night, I'm going to show you how to recycle used candles.  I'll share my techniques with a variety of things this week including bread dough ornaments, airbrushing techniques, some watercolor ideas, a few surprises and I hope, a whole lot of fun!!!  As a mixed media artist, it' not just about paper - it's about all the mediums out there!  I hope you enjoy!

Tear cardboard and cover with stickles.  Add silk ribbon and a charm. Quick and easy

A silver peel-off with crystal stickles over it

2-toned candle.  mini tinsel over a beaded ribbon with peel-offs on top

Wrap in scrapbook paper.  Star has a base of polymer clay with glitter, a charm in the center and epoxy on top

Polished stones using alcohol ink with peel-offs on top

Use wax away to clean the candle (I'll do that video later), then gold paint and stickles on top of each snowflake

I bought each of these at half off day at my local thrift store for 50 cents each.  The video will show you how to clean old candles using a potato peeler.  Easy way to get wax to remelt for about 50 cents a pound!

When the lights go out, my house will be shining bright!!!

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