Thursday, December 22, 2011

8 Nights of Lights - night 3 - storytelling

Night 3 is about storytelling. Hanukkah is about the Feast of Dedication - the rededication of the Temple. Have you ever built a model temple or tabernacle? Do you know how the tabernacle/temple and the traditions and riturals associated with it illustrate God's plan of salvation? It was in 164 BCE, the Maccabees recaptured the Temple and it was purified....rededicated. 

Do you know the meaning behind the lampstand? Ex 25:31-40 actually gives a detailed exlaination of what it should look like. Hammered from 1 piece of gold, 4 1/2 feet high, weighting 100 pounds. It was to burn continually (Lev 24: 1-4). But it didn't! Each sacred vessel and vestment has been recreated by the Temple Institute and is ready for use in the 3rd Temple! WOW!!!

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." May you study and grow this Hanukkah season and may your lampstand always be lit.

Tonight, my video is going to tell you the story of experience....and what happens if you don't have a clean mold!  I'll also show you how to turn your bottle brush into a scouring pad that will get into those tiny crevices your fingers can't reach.

Now, for tonight's candles. I'll be honest, I do not like this first one. But I like the mold.  It's a 4 sided t-pee type candle.  I thought I could drip melted crayon down the sides....but it was just too bright.  So I tried to tone it down using snowflake glitter.  Some of my pals really like this so it's just proof that we all have our own individual tastes!

I really like this mold.  The top is a cone and you can pour it to different heights.  About 2" in diameter.  I've used scrapbooking supplies to decorate it - these are those crystals that come on a sheet in a shape and you just peel them off and stick them on.

This is the back side of that candle.  One of my favorites!

Those were clear crystals on a blue candle.  But to get them to show up, I put brown crystals on a cream candle and I really like this as well.

Take a look around your studio and see what you can use to embellish a candle with.  Just make sure your molds are clean so you don't have a story like mine to tell!

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