Sunday, December 4, 2011

More holiday lights

When power goes out this winter - I'm going to be more than ready. But will I be able to light such beauties?  Who knows!  Went to the local thrift store and found this gold tray with 4 candles that spell "NOEL" for $1.99

Dad always said his name was "NOEL" spelled backwards.....and it was!

Creative Impressions in Colorado Springs makes wonderfully fun blossoms.  I buy them in white so I can airbrush them the colors I want, but today, I left them white and layered them into wonderful flowers.  Note, layer snowflakes between flowers for this great look.

I added one flower over each letter, then covered the rest of the candle with Diamond Stickles Glitter. Note, diamond has a gold tint to it, so it looks great over cream colored candles.

And when I set them back on the tray - it's a year round candle tray!  Simply gorgeous....and only $1.99!!!

Next, I found a plain candle for 50 cents.  Too good to pass up.  But it has some damage on it and I wanted to show another way to cover the damage.

 Beeswax comes in sheets that's rolled up.  Use your Heat-it tool to soften it as you unroll it in order to keep it from cracking.  These 4 rolls were given to me years ago as a gift.  Yes, I tend to keep everything!

I cut it to size and wrapped it around the candle.  Then I took a foam brush and dabbed Diamond stickles glitter all over the beeswax.  Turns it into a glitter candle!  Use the Heat-it tool to slightly warm the top and pressed it into the existing candle.  Added 2 more of my blossom snowflake flowers to the front.

Notice how nicely the beeswax blends into the top?  And don't you love the glitter?

Finally, do you see the "star of david" in the center of the flower?  Perfect!

My sister, April, and her best friend, Cheryl, from Indiana were here for the weekend and they found tiny little cubed candles.  The brown beeswax went over the pastel colors just perfect.  We used Crystal stickles on the brown which actually turned it sort of turquoise.  We all loved the results!

The stickles didn't get dry so I couldn't photo the final results as they had to run to the airport for the Cheryl's flight home.  But what a great way to cover up flaws on thrift store candles!

The 3 cubed candles and tray were $1.00, $2 for my tray and .50 for the other candle - we only spent $3.50 and have such lovely candles to add to our collections.

My challenge to you - pick up some candles that someone else has discarded and see what you can turn them into before December 20th, - the first of 8 nights of lights!

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