Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Light the nights with more fun!

Isn't it great when you can have fun creating and playing?  This is my very first attempt at pouring candles since I was a kid.  And wow, has it gotten more sophisticated or what?  I sure never made anything this pretty back then!

But probably just as cheap!  I am using candles that I bought on half-off day at the local thrift store.  Yes, I am the ultimate thrift shopper!  I love to go hunt and see just what I can find.  And when you can find a huge candle for 99 cents and melt it down and make 3 candles out of it - what a deal!  

And when you pour your own candles, you can leave the wick extra long and bead it.  If/when I want to use the candle, I'll just cut the wick back to 1/4" and reuse the beads on something else.

That's a real arrowhead!  It is the only thing that I ever found using a metal detector.  No, the detector did not pick it up.....I found it because I was looking down!  I've kept it for about 25 years and think this is a perfect way to showcase it!

Most bead holes are too narrow to go through the I wired them and attached them to the wick.

And that's a sterling silver bear claw design with turquoise stones.  Had it forever.  Love the idea of combining bears and stars.  

Finished 3 candles today and simply love them.  Since these are my first and I wanted to test used candles....I stayed with shades of white.  Now, it did not all go well - I didn't get the stopper set right in one of the molds and had wax all over the place.  But that's not unusual for me when I'm learning something new!  Tomorrow I think I'll melt colored crayons all over one and try for a dripped look.  

It's a good day when you can spend time playing!

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