Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love how you can use Friendly Plastic pellets for household repairs!!!

So, the wheel on my kitchen drawer that makes it slide in and out broke.  We have been everywhere trying to find a replacement.  We bought 2 different new pieces of hardware and neither one fit the space under or to the side of the drawer.

You can see how the wheel wouldn't roll at all...the drawer was just sliding down the rail

So, I melted some FP pellets in my little craft skillet and fashioned them around the part of the wheel that had broken off

I used my dremel tool and ground down the plastic until it looked about the thickness of the original piece still there

Of course, the plastic did not adhere, but I simply put some E6000 and let it dry for about 6 hours

Looks just like the original wheel on the other side of the drawer:

And I'm happy to report that when I put the drawer back together....it works perfect!!!  Of course, Kerry is amazed and is convinced that I can now repair anything that breaks with FP pellets!

I think I just made a horrible mistake!


If you live in Colorado - you can buy pellets at McGuckins in Boulder.  I was just there last week and they have it in stock.  MUCH cheaper than replacing the brackets and hardware on your kitchen drawers!

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Unknown said...

I love it!! Crack me up!

Shoshi said...

Oh Jen that's brilliant! ROFL!! What a great job you have done! Biiiig mistake to let on that you can repair things when there's a man about the house... Lol!!

My hubby bought me my first pot of Friendly Plastic pellets today! I'm going to try and make some embellishments with them. I certainly hadn't thought of DIY...

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

shoshi, I think I have a video showing how to makee your own tools.....go to my blog's home page and then scroll down to Friendly Plastic tutorials.

Anonymous said...

Only you Jen, only you.....