Sunday, November 14, 2010

Waking up in the left side of the brain

I realized that I wake up in the left side of my brain every day.  Even though I'm retired....I have a routine.  An hour of Bible study and meditation.  Someone once said that if you don't give the first part of the day to God, you won't give any part of the day to Him.....and I have found that to be so true!  Then a quick check of email, then off to exercise because I have learned that if you don't exercise early in the day, you won't exercise at all!  LOL!

Today, I had a genealogy meeting, so even more time in my left brain.  Processes, timing, schedules, appointments....they all take away from my right brain time.  Can I slip there for 5 or 10 minutes?  Probably not since my dominant side is still the left side.

Yesterday was "jammie Saturday".  It's my feeble attempt to keep the Sabbath in a totally different kind of way.  We stay in our jammies all day long.  It's wonderful!  We plan nothing for Saturday and because we stay in our jammies, we really don't do too much.  And it has truly become a day where I can spend as much time as I want in my right brain.....and we saw the positive results on yesterday's blog!

Jammie Saturday has it's other benefits!  I can skype with my sisters and my closest friends (I wouldn't let just anyone see me in my jammies, no makeup, hair not get the picture?

Linda emailed me this screen shot she took of me yesterday you can see why I don't skype with just anyone on Jammie Saturday!  LOLOL!!!  Geez, could I look any worse???   I definitely didn't pose for this one!

After the genealogy meeting this morning, I was all inspired to work on that project.  But Kerry wanted to go to the movies and we had kids coming over to pick up an old TV.  As it turns out, there wasn't a moment to be creative today.....or a moment to do genealogy!  Just one of those days. But I had some time to think about the "healing power of art".

I understand the marketing aspect of that comment.  The industry wants to sell craft products.  So if they can convince you that "art heals", maybe you will buy more craft products.   And that's a great marketing ploy.

But what if you spend all that money, do all those things, be as creative and as artful as you can...and nothing heals?  Or perhaps it even gets worse.  And I actually know several women like that.  They take every class they can.  They buy every product there is, they take all the necessary steps....and nothing changes for them.  So they get frustrated, walk away from art, sell all the stuff they have....because art didn't "heal".

I think I know why.  But it will probably take a few days for us to get there.  It's connected to the right side of the brain - being able to get there and forget about everything else in life.  But it's also connected to the overall proess of healing, not just one aspect of it.

Here's hoping that tomorrow brings time to play!

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Shoshi said...

This is so great, Jen! I'm enjoying reading these pieces and can't wait to see where you're going with them. I'm about equally balanced L & R brain - I filled a questionnaire about it once. I think it makes me a jack of all trades and master of none lol!!

I don't care what you say - I think you look beautiful in that photo! Such a radiant smile! Jammies ROCK.

I have "kaftan days" when I'm not well enough to get myself dressed. Then if anyone comes, I don't look as if I'm still in my jammies!