Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting ready to play

It's time to play again!  I've got stacks of Heidi Swapp paper....and I see that everything is going glitter these days, so I decided to bling up what I have.  The paper by itself is gorgeous....but is it ever enough?

Things to do to alter it:
Hand cut fancy edges (above)
Add stickles dots.....

glitter up the butterflies (the paper comes with the butterflies pre-cut to pop up

outline the veins of the butterflies with glitter:

why is it that cameras just don't photo bling???

Just so pretty!

Loads of glitter on this page.....and what will it become?  I haven't the foggiest!  But this is how "my" creative process works...

I go through my paper and pull out what I think looks good together.  Then I decide if I'm going to ink it, bling it, cut it, paint it....

and if I'm going to make a card, a journal, a scrapbook page.....

I've decided this is going to be a journal.....with loads of tags.....probably shabby chic. I love mint and pink together...

and because today was our first day of snow I decided to "think spring".....I just don't like snow much any more.  But in the summer, when it's boiling hot, that's when I like to "think snow"!

So the next step is to decide if I want to ink the pages...and I think I might like just a faint dusting of ink around the edges.  But do I ink in pink and green....or in white for a shabby look?  or in tea stained browns to give it a vintage look?  Hmmmm.....I think I'll have to sleep on that one!

I'm also planning to do a lot of pockets in this journal.  There's an old post that I wrote (eons ago) that has some hand sketched envelope and pocket templates.  It has been looked at more than any other blog I've written.  So I'm in the process of drawing the templates in a much better format so we could actually print, cut and use them!

If (and that's a huge "if") this turns out like I visualize it in my head, I should be able to make 20 kits and put them in my etsy store for sale.  But I thought it might be fun to blog the creative process of how I put something together.  And yes, I promise to write about the mistakes as well!!!  Trust me....there are always plenty of mistakes!

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Elaine A said...

Hi Jen -

I'm loving your creative process! Your added touches of bling are spot on and I love where this is going! Oh and thank you for the reminder of the pockets you gave us "eons" ago - LOL! Can't wait to see what else you have under your bonnet.

Elaine Allen