Friday, November 5, 2010

A great place to shop!

5 years ago when were in Jerusalem, we happened onto this little shop in the Old City:


A gift shop.  A Biblical shop.  A place of learning and dialogue.  They will actually close their doors in the middle of the day and teach a class, hold a discussion, anything you need. It's a place to debate and discover the Torah.

Tons of wondeful jewelry

and you can order it online here:


I bought this pendant - and have had more compliments than almost any piece of jewelry I've ever purchased!

You can order it here

Many other items here

I also bought a ring, bracelet and another pendant that they don't have online.  Like I said, I left most of my shekels in the Old City!

I absolutely love little shops like this.  If you ever go to Jerusalem, be sure to look them up.  Just tell them the "soap" girls from Colorado sent you!  We needed non-allergenic soap 5 years ago and they found some for us!  I still have the jewelry I bought then, and I'm happy to have added to my "Shorashim" collection this year!

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