Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did you ever have one of those days?

Yesterday, I promised to blog the creative process, including my mistakes.  Did my subconscious know something was up???  I woke up to snow.  Ok, you simply cannot create when it's this gloomy outside.  I don't want snow.  I'm too old for snow.  It makes my arthritis hurt.  So of course, my day started off with me in a mood!

But then I happily cut out envelops, tags and pockets from all my revised templates I made yesterday....I was on a roll. Still hadn't decided to ink, pain, or what....but I had stuff to play with!

So I thought, how about decorative punches in the corners?  Of course, my very first punch didn't work and I had to completely tear the corner to get it out.  (Never fear...I'll patch it up!)

Then I decided to try a decorative punch across the top....and it simply didn't punch....

Not only that, but when I tried to open the punch, it literally fell apart!!!

So I pulled out a different punch.....and the same thing happened. You think this is some kind of karma?  Is someone telling me to go back to bed?

Nothing punched and they both just kept falling apart!

So I literally threw them in the trash!!!  I am too old to sit and try to get broken tools to work.  And I'm sure I could have E6000'd them back together.....but no....trash looks good to me!

And in the process of picking paper out of the punches....I broke my needle tool.  (top one).  Fortunately, Amaco has been quite generous to me and I have another tool to work with.  I do love Amaco!!!

At this point, I thought I'd switch gears and paint some of the envelopes.  You guessed it, first 3 jars of paint I opened....ALL dried up!  Hmmmm.....guess I don't use paint that much?  So I ran some water in them, mixed them up, will let them set overnight......praying that tomorrow is a "new" day!

Can't paint, can't punch....I next decided to teadye some stuff.  Well, I did that way before we had Ranger and color wash and distress inks.  Just add Nestea and water....guess what, it still works!

from this rather bright pink and green (have you decided that's my color scheme for this project?)

to a very toned down, tanned piece of satin....

I covered the entire cooktop counter with freezer wrap.....and guess what?  I ran out of freezer wrap!  I am thinking that I need to run to the grocery and NOT buy freezer wrap....just get chocolate!  LOLOL!!!  But's snowing outside....I don't even want chocolate "that" bad!

The good thing?  The cooktop is covered and none of this will be dry til morning.  So I told Kerry he has to take me out to dinner tonight!  LOLOL!  Oh my!  You should have seen the look on his face!

So while I haven't had a very creative day, the word "creative" does have multiple meanings and I was pretty creative at getting out of cooking dinner tonight!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll make better progress!


Neet said...

Ooh - Snow! Reminds me that winter is coming to all of us but how I would hate the snow to be here in England now. Did have a slight hailstone today though - intermittent with the wild, windy and wet weather we are experiencing.

Really enjoyed the humour in your post but sorry things went from bad to worse for a while.

Carol said...

Oh My. This just sounds so typical of some of my days. I wonder if it is catching? The best part is that - tomorrow is another day!

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for all the stumbling blocks that kept getting in your way. While it is usally a learning experience, it is very frustrating. I wonder if the landfills are full of broken art tools? That might provide some interesting searches for a future antropoligist mining for the meanings of previous civilizations--our civilization.

I look forward to seeing what the final process produces for you.

Kelley said...

Sorry for your day, but I enjoyed reading about it! I might have braved the snow for chocolate after all that happened. I hope you had chocolate with dinner. :)