Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eight Nights of Lights 2010 - early this year!!!

If you've followed my blog over the years, you know that I do a series called "Eight Nights of Lights" each year at Hanukkah. Each night, I present a video tutorial showing you how to do something.

In the past, I have supported Aftermidnight Stamps, Amaco, Spellbinders and Ranger.

I'm wondering what you'd like to see this year? Think back over my past blogs and if you've seen something and asked yourself, "How did she do that?" - let me know what it was and I'll see if I can come up with a video and show you how!

If you missed the past series, most of them are bookmarked over on the right of the blog's home page, just go

I don't get paid to do this - I do it because it's fun. But this year, Hanukkah comes really, really early and I'm going to need to get started on this just as soon as we get back from Israel!

If you are a manufacturer and would like for me to use your product, just let me know!

Post your ideas a comments here!


Gail May said...

Hey Jen, I have loved your Eight nights, and want to give a great big thank you. I have a big bunch of the Friendly pellets and would love to learn how to get them in the right form to die cut(I have a Big Shot)and emboss. Thanks again for sharing all your creative genius with the world!
Gail from Omaha

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Gail, it's pretty simple - just heat them in water, shape them with your hands, trying to get them as flat/stretched out as possible, then roll them through a pasta machine on # 2. I like Amaco's pasta press. They will be thin enough to diecut at that point. If they start to harden before you get them where you want, just dip back in the hot water to the count of 5.

Good idea for a video - just didn't want you to wait another 2 months!