Friday, July 10, 2009

Would you dare

alter something you bought at Chico's? Well, I've had this pendant for about 4 years, rarely wear it and decided to add the little gecko to is.

Just going from a plain coral stone to having it embellished with a diecut gecko is all it took to take an old piece of jewelry and make it brand new! How cool is that???

Today is Friday and there's just one more day to go before I leave. Starting to get things packed up and wanted to put in a plug for pacsafe. Have you tried them? Wire mesh safes that go around your luggage and can be cable locked to something eles. We bought them a few years back when we backpacked through Europe. I'm locking down all the jewelry and video equipment. Someone can try to break into my car.....but I doubt they walk away with a thing! Sure makes me feel a little more comfy since I'm driving with so many samples with me.

Made a quick run to Canon City today, stopped to see mom and picked up an order from Sherry at Paper Silver Stone - one of the coolest stores in Colorado!!!

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