Saturday, July 11, 2009

Improving past art

I think it was the summer of 2006 and Tim Holtz was in Ft Collins and I took a bunch of classes from him. We made watch pendents. So I thought how cool it could be to add paper type silver to what I had already done.

I added the kitty cat, 2 flowers and dragon fly.

Now, you have to look at that for a minute.

Do you see "time" under the magnifying glass? I'm trying to expand my time!

Do you see the Indiana license plate? That's where I grew up.

The little girl is reading a book.

On the handle of the magnifying glass it says "play" and to the right below that it says "artist". Most days I think I just play at being an artist!

There's a compass and tiny little watch parts that float around inside the watch.

Tim said that the difference is in the details. I have to agree....I love making art that has meaning to me. Obviously this piece is not going to be for sale. Oh, did I mention that? Almost everything I've been showing here is up for sale at the Metal Clay World Conference. What I bring home...I think I'll have to open an Etsy store!

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