Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's not my fault!

Really, I promise, it's not my fault!!! Rio Grande had a show special that I just couldn't resist. I have wanted a jeweler's desk forever. Think it will help me make more jewelry? Better jewelry? Be better organized?

This is the one that was at the show....I'm sure it's "clean" compared to mine will be!

It's small, but it won't take up much space and I hope it will get me through the rest of my creative years!

So here's the thing....I WASN'T going to buy it! Nope - I walked by it 10 times a day. Drooled over it. Longed for it. Really, really, really wanted it, but talked myself out of it. And then I met HER.......

Don't even know her name, but what a delight! She quoted me the show special and I thought that was a great deal. But then......she said those 2 little magic words.....



Note the desk weighs about 100 pounds and would have cost a fortune to get it shipped to me!

OK - she probably "had" me before that, but those 2 little words absolutely sold me on the deal! Now here's the funny will arrive at my house about a week before I get home! Oh dear! If you are like me, there's no way I can't be there when it arrives....but I won't! I'll just have to be patient and wait til I get home to play with my new "toy"!

I love Rio Grande's catalog. I love their customer service.....they pack and ship the same day you order. And now....I love this gal!

So I need your help. I don't want to feel one ounce of guilt over this someone else needs to buy one, too! LOLOL!!!

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Anonymous said...

One question: Where will you put it in your already-crowded studio?