Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A look inside the Anchor Inn

It really is a stunning property!

This is the dining room.......
This is the living room where some bad little boy knocked over the Christmas tree!!!

And IF YOU BELIEVE THAT.....just look! My Aunt is an artist!!! She turned the pie safe into a 4 story doll house with amazing tiny miniatures....it's so detailed they look like the real room!!!

Here's a shot of the "hoosier" with the pie safe next to it. Just one of the many hidden treasures in this place!
Can you imagine coming here, spending the night in this room, and NOT opening up the pie safe and finding such a delightful surprise inside? Well, it's sort of how the entire B&B is......stuff full of tiny hidden delights in every nook & cranny!!! What fun!!!

You need to know there's a book in each guest room where previous guest have written about their experiences while staying here. It is so much fun to sit and read through the books to see what other's have written. Sorry, there are no TVs in the rooms....but who on earth needs a TV when you have such wonderful things like this to fill your mind with!!!

Come visit any time!!!

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