Thursday, July 23, 2009

Epworth Forest Church Camp, North Webster Indiana

I am one of probably hundreds of thousands of kids who have spent a week at church camp in North Webster Indiana. My mom and dad both attended church camp here in the late 40s. I was here in the mid 60s. So today, Laurie was gracious enough to drive me over here and let me walk around and take photos.

Instant memories. Instant smiles! Not much has changed to tell you the truth. I think there are more homes owned by permanent residents.....less rented out to church groups....but the main buildings look just like they did in the 60s. How wonderful that nothing has changed and that it's all still here!!!

The main building. I think I remember going here for lost and found. I lost lots of stuff because there was a really cute boy behind the counter!!!

This was the snack shop and behind it the lake where you could swim and row canoes. I was always here. I think I fell in "love" with every boy who was at camp every week I came up here. I mean seriously.....cute little teenage boys in their swimming trunks parading around the beach? Ok - all of us girls were falling in love! I've heard that many a couple met here, got married and have moved here! What a perfect love story!

Did I ever stop to wonder how camp got it's name? Finally - I learned something new today!
The auditorium hasn't changed a single bit. There was a gal here today getting ready for a concert. She was amazing! Absolutely nothing like walking around these childhood memories of mine and hearing the beautiful words to the song "Amazing Grace" and others being sung in the background.

This used to be the fire pit. Doesn't look like it's been used in awhile. We had wiener roasts here. I'm sure it's against the fire ordinances these days....but the steps and posts are still here.

And the pier. It might be replaced. But it looks the same. I have photos of mom and dad here. Absolutely amazing to think that they were here when they were teenagers, I was here as a teenager, and now I've come back to take another look at a place that is filled with such wonderful memories.

Life has taken me to Colorado......but I have wonderful memories of my weeks spent at Epworth Forest Church Camp!

Thank you Laurie, from the bottom of my heart, for taking a drive back into my past with me today!!!


Anonymous said...

Your reflections are ironically timely for me. About a week ago, I came across some photos taken at a church camp I attended in Oklahoma starting at a month old. I looked at those photos and had many of the same kind of memories as you did. It was fun trying to identify other "campers" from a lifetime ago--before the world became so complicated.

Anonymous said...

I have recently reconnected with my first love who I met at Epworth Forest when we were teens. As he and I looked at your pictures of the camp together, almost 26 years later, we were overwhelmed with so many emotions from seeing the place we 1st fell in love and feeling that love again now that we have waited so long for.