Monday, July 20, 2009

Hide N Seek

I'm spending a few days at my Aunt Jean's Bed & Breakfast in Syracuse Indiana. It's called the Anchor Inn. Right on Hwy 13, right north of the golf course, on the west side of the highway. You can't miss it!

So I thought I'd take photos of a few things. If you come here....your mission is to find them....because they are pretty well hidden! While I know there are a couple of you who live close by and we are meeting this week.....I think you should come back with the express purpose of finding these treasures! (hint! hint! Jan & Laura!!!)

First up - I promise this is not the "moving" kind....but if you happen across it - sort of takes your breath away!!!

How clever to use old shoes as pots in the garden!!!

I do believe that Jean & Bob have literally worked the shirts off their back.....but when I saw the shirt hanging on the tree I just burst out in giggles! Think it will still be there when you come to visit???

There are a total of 3 pairs of boots that are planters. Can you find all of them?

Saint Elmo Valactos......Bob used to work at Valactos and found this in the trash out that's where it got it's name. Just too cute!
She doesn't have a name, but if you walk too fast, you will miss her. So sweet, nestled in the plants....and such a clever way to decorate and adorn a garden.
I will say that the gardens have grown since I was last here 5 years ago. They are so peaceful. The perfect place to have a wedding in Syracuse - in case you are looking for a venue. The perfect spot to spend the night and have a wonderful home-cooked breakfast.

Be sure to take a second look......what you think might be a door handle.....

could simply be something that usually slithers around in the garden!!!

And while I guarantee this little rooster will never might think otherwise unless you are willing to get up real close!

But most of all, I wonder if you will find this when you come to visit????

Sarah & Bekah (my cousins) were both here this weekend and I am beyond delighted that I got to see them and meet Bekah's new husband, Russ. They made ribs and cupcakes for lunch today - what a treat!!!

But you never be sure to check in the oven and see what's cooking when you stop by the Anchor Inn in Syracuse Indiana! Just tell Jean you saw it on Jen's blog!!!

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Anonymous said...

If I get to Indiana, I'll be sure to stop by and look and maybe stay. This piece is just priceless.