Sunday, July 19, 2009

Telling your story

My dad, Leon Moore, was born in Indiana. He lived here until he was age 40 when he moved the family to Colorado. He died in 1992. Hard to believe it has been almost 17 years. I miss him.

This is a painting mom did of him. It is wonderful. Everything about Indiana reminds me of dad. I walk under a tree and I remember mushroom hunting as a kid. I see clover and recall laying in the grass looking for that lucky 4-leaf clover. He made me believe it would bring me luck. But I now it would keep the 5 of us kids quiet for hours on end!

I am here this week to attend a couple of family reunions and to leave behind family trees for a 3rd reunion. I've printed and taped together pages and pages of charts and maps so everyone can see where they came from and how they are related.

You can see these on my laptop....but there is nothing quite like printing them out so that someone else can get a feel for how big the family really is!!!

Kerry says I'm related to everyone in Indiana and he may well be correct. While I'm only printing out names and dates, my files are filled with hundreds of stories about people

Have you told yours lately?

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