Friday, July 24, 2009 - part 1

Yesterday, I spent 5 1/2 hours at Amaco! So as you can imagine....I'll be talking about them over the next few days. My gosh! I had no idea how diversified their product line is! And what a wonderful, fun, amazing company!!!

So first, I have to blog this. It's in the retail store next door, inside a glass case, so I apologize for the glare. But look past the glare to what's inside the case. Looks like an ordinary potter's wheel, huh?

a well used, dirty one at that!! clay stuck to everything!!!

there's even a cigarette butt, a sponge, scraps of clay, tools.....and it looks sort of dusty.....

I have wanted to try my hand at throwing pottery ever since I was a kid. Well, if I remember, I did use a wheel once about 35 years ago and just loved it!

Now, read the card that is on the glass on the case!!!

the entire piece is made out of clay!!! Can you believe that? The artist, Michael Paul Wilcox.....beyond amazing! Go ahead....scroll back up, take another look.....I stood there in awe for I don't know how long, walked around and around the thing....I really looks like a real potters wheel!!! Even the electrical cable is clay!!!

Absolutely amazing!!!

So stay tuned, tomorrow I'll show you some other things I found at Amaco!

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