Saturday, July 25, 2009 - part 2

My very gracious host for the day was Dawn Sandoe:

and I love how she has surrounded her work area with amazing art! Now....I could "work" in a place like this! LOL!!!

and I got to meet Becky Finch - the newest member of Amaco's staff. She's the marketing we can soon expect to find our favorite products on shelves everywhere!!! (OK, nothing like setting the expections a mile high for Becky!!!)

Now...did you know there's a retail store right next door? Called the Brickyard. You can walk in and buy it all. So of course....I was looking around and look what I found!!! Milwaukee Heat Tools! If you live in know they simply do not exist!!!

And they have a pile of them!

and they are only $29.00! I paid $40 for mine when I found it!!! What a steal!!!

Guess what else? You can call the Brickyard at 800-677-3289 and they will ship it to you!!! Just give them your CC info and it's yours!!!

I had so much fun looking at everything in this store and if you live in the midwest....I would highly recommend a trip over! Located at 6060 Guion Rd in Indianpolis.....on the NW side, not too far off 465.

I am always on the hunt for specific items and need to come up with some kind of file system to remind myself where I can get them when I need them. This is a stack of music boxes - minature ones that work well inside of decorated eggs. Every tune in the book! In the store!!!

I'll be posting a few more of my "finds" tomorrow night.....but their inventory of Friendly Plastic strips is beyond complete....they even stock all of the discontinued colors!!

Perhaps one of the best road trips I've ever had.....getting to meet people, put faces to names, and find hidden treasures in stores I didn't know existed!!!

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