Sunday, July 26, 2009 - part 3

More of my day at Amaco. This gal works in advertising....I sort of get the feeling that everyone who works there is an artist in their own right!

And she's in customer service. By the way - I took a call while I was there from a gal who had questions about friendly plastic. I think I was able to help her....but if she's reading this post, please comment and let us know how it came out! (Well....unless it was a flop! LOLOL!!)

Just kidding!

Amaco hosts shows of artists. This was a shot of a flyer for one that I missed...but they do have a gallery. I'm sure if you stop by, you can look at all the wonderful art!

This is another show they had earlier this year - I think it would have been a fun one. So once again, if you live in the area.....get on their mailing list for show information!

and back to the store.....they carry everything you would need for airbrushing......

and everything for the glass artist....even frit...which we were using in Chicago on metal clay. Oh Judi....are you reading this??? LOLOL!!!

and in the dream! Oh best dream on earth....boxes and boxes and boxes of pewter! LOLOL!!!!
so sweet Dawn literally grabs a shopping cart and let me go nuts!!! Can you imagine?????
talk about an adrenaline's a wonder they didn't end up dialing 911 and sending an ambulance for me!

Here's a peek at the kilns and potters wheels they make. And yes, they even make small jewelry kilns!

Did you ever make one of those glass grape cluster swag lamps in the 70s? I did!!! And I can't tell you how many times since then I've wanted to make a lamp, repair a lamp, design a lamp....and been so frustrated that I couldn't find the insides! Well, just go to Brickyard Ceramics & Crafts!

I'm serious here....I think they have the best selection of lamp making stuff I've ever seen anywhere!!

You probably have figured out by now that I get really excited when I can find a source for things I've been looking for in the past! Brickyard Ceramics is certainly a "keeper"!

I'm going to be testing some glazes, resists, underglazes and other products on metal clay. Will be working with some of Amaco's mold making products....and a brand new product called Balsa-Foam. It's an ultra lightweight carving and sculpting material that you can paint like wood! I'm already thinking "journal covers"!!

All I can say is that it's probably a really good thing that I live a thousand miles away!!! But this just might be a reason for me to come "home" a little more often! A true crafter's paradise right here in Indianapolis!!!

So, while this post is going live tonight, I'll be on my way over to just outside Branson, Mo, for a whole week of playing and experimenting with Linda Peterson! We're going to be using fine silver with friendly plastic. I can hardly wait!!!

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Anonymous said...

This place has to be like being in a diabetic candy store and being a diabetic. You are so lucky to have found this but I'm lucky not to have found it or I would have spent all of my trip money. It'll be fun to see all your new things.