Sunday, July 5, 2009

Altered polymer clay art

I do not like polymer clay. I do not like anything about it. But I fell in love with this strand of polymer clay beads made by Peg Harper.....who is fast becoming a dear, dear friend!

So, yes, Peg, you may just get me to do something with "your" clay one of these days. After all, you managed to get me to join the local polymer clay guild....but I'm going to work to get you to change the name to something more generic....take the poly out of it! LOL!!

I took Peg's beads (and yep, I do want to learn how to make them) and added fine silver diecuts to the sop and dangled swarovsky crystals from the bottom.

So as long as Peg makes the beads and I can aler them....I think I've found a new love.....Peg's poly beads and my fine silver diecuts:

I'm telling you.....northern Colorado is just full of amazing artists! I keep meeting new ones all the time and am beyond impressed with all of the incredible talent that surrounds me!!!

So Peg.....what would happen if I altered the steampunk heart?


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