Monday, July 6, 2009

Mask molds for sale

at the Metal Clay World Conference! Colleen has designed this fabulous mask and Crafty Lady molds has turned it into 2 molds. There is a simple mold to do just the mask, and then another mold that has all the tiny little flowers and leaves so that you can then design your final product any way that you want!

I'm bringing about 20 of these molds to the conference with me and you can meet me in my room to purchase one if you want!

Colleen first used polymer clay to design the mold, then used that to create her mask in metal clay. Once she had the mask perfected (you should see her mirror finish!) she sent the mask off to Crafty Lady and they produced the mold.

I will also have this piece of jewelry with me so you can see how stunning it is!!!

The mask is about 2 1/2" across and the mold retails for $21.95. The mold with the flowers and leaves retails for $13.95

And if you're not going to the conference and want to buy one of these, just email me!!!

To see more of Colleen's work, check out Silver Art Studio.

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