Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shopping Saturday in June

I really have some crazy, fun art pals! Today we went shopping - carpooling and heading about an hour up north to Ft Collins. Our first stop was out in Kellum to Waste-Not recycling. They are only open one Saturday a month and they have so much fun stuff. Karen bought a table. I think it retails for $600. It's an office table with adjustable legs and wheels on it. She got it for nothing.....but the problem was getting it into the back of Kelly's truck!!!

So Claire and Kathy decided to help out. I don't know how on earth Karen is going to get it out when she gets home....but I had a few giggles watching these gals pose for this "photo op".

I'm not so sure who ended up buying the most, but the back of my Escape started filling up pretty fast today!

I got 3 unopened boxes of transparencies for $3 each and they usually run close to $50 at Office Depot.

And my big find - an LCD projector!!! Now, these usually run $400 and upwards for used ones on ebay and up to $5K if you buy it new. It works, and I got it for $192. I'm estatic! I can use it at the metal clay conference and not have to wait for anyone to come hook me up. Plus, I can use it to project images onto the wall to sketch, then paint.

and then I got 200 of these little 1/2 oz pour/mixing cups for $2.00!!!

All that at the recycle center! We also made a stop at JoAnns, the Treasure Box, the Creative Underground and Habitat for Humanity (a thrift store). Somewhere in there, we had lunch at the Olive Garden! So you can only imagine how completely exhausted I am tonight.....but I'm off to go play with my new (used) LCD projector!!!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to say we started the day off by meeting at Village Inn for breakfast, giggles and seeing all of Karen's new jewelry. It WAS fun but I'm tired too.