Sunday, June 21, 2009

Memory Loss

I used to market US Savings Bonds for the Department of Treasury. I would create animated powerpoint presentations on my then Dell laptop, hook it up to an LCD projector, add speakers, music....oh my gosh, it would take me a whole week to create a one hour presentation. But then I could use that same presentation for the next 3 months as I traveled around and gave speeches about the benefits of investing in bonds.

The LCD that I bought yesterday came with no cables. Zip. Zero. Nada. Nothing! But I wasn't too worried as I am married to a geek guy! I think I spent the greater half of the morning going through boxes and bins loaded with cables. I'd bring 5 upstairs at a time, plug them in, try them out.....then take them backdownstairs and try the next 10 or so. Then I'd run upstairs and look in drawers, closets, boxes in the closets and run back downstairs with another batch. You just can't imagine how many things I did find that I've been looking for forever! LOL!!!

I finally found it all......and here's a video of the equipment I'm going to use at the Metal Clay World no matter where you sit, you can see what I'm working on!!! I have also borrowed an LCD in the hopes that at least one of them will work - plus I've requested that the conference provide one for me! I think I'm covered all the way around!!!

Jewelry by Colleen Lee - Silver Art Studio

Colleen's blog is here

Music by Ran Danari

Now, I know, if you are a tech person, I'm sure this seems quite easy. But I've been retired for 7 years now - I definitely have memory loss!!!

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Cheryl Grigsby said...

Sweet! That will be a great tool for demonstration for you.

If you ever do a class up here (CO) on the GORGEOUS turquoise/silver necklace, I am there! So beautiful. :-)