Friday, June 19, 2009

Diecut crepe paper flowers

We also diecut crepe paper yesterday. What I absolutely love is that you can cut at least 9 layers at the same time. Sure takes the "work" out of making flowers! Here I used a sizzix I could have done at least 20 layers at once.

And here's one of the many cute flowers we made.

Well, I have a problem! I was trying to upload even more flowers to share and can you believe - I have used up my entire 1M of free space at Picasa! Wow! That's a whole lot of photos. So now, I have to pay $20 a year because I'm way too lazy to learn another system for my blog. They take 24 hours to process my payment (yeah, I know, I should have done this days ago when they started sending me alerts- but I didn't!) So tonight, just 2 pics and hopefully tomorrow night I can share even more. I found crepe paper flowers to be quite fun....but I'm not so sure how small you can go with them. Susan was best at making the tiny ones.

Today, we had our "Fun Friday" and it was just a hoot. Karen was making paper dolls with animal heads and putting hats on them and I laugh til I cried! Kathleen and I were working on metal clay diecuts. Susan and Marcia worked on nicho boxes. Shelly made gorgeous polymer clay beads and Kathy worked with diecuts. It was just a fun day and I spent all morning playing the "ornery one"!!! Tomorrow is "shopping saturday" and I think I need to get to bed early so I have a little energy left!

By the way - day 5 on Weight Watchers. We'll see if I can make it to day 7 or not! It's so much easier to diet when your husband is out of town!!!

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