Monday, June 22, 2009

Fairy-less fairy box

I've had my head buried in metal clay, so Susan invited me over for a play day today. I was supposed to make a Fairy Box. I think I flunked! I didn't put a single fairy anywhere! LOL!!! I started out with a micro cigar box. It's about 4" x 5" and under 1" thick.

Found 2 of these at a thrift store a few years back and had never used them.

I totally love the end results - even if there are no fairies - it has a "fairy" quality about it.

The top says "As I remember a little girl"

And you open it up and there are women of all ages in the bathroom. "The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age!"

Here's a closeup of the right side, which is the base of the box. Vintage lace on the top, net down the side.

My favorite scene - she's dressed - and in the bathtub. Note the bubble bath behind her? And the rug and towel made out of bits of felt. The bathroom fixtures are micro mini doll house furniture that I inked to distress. That stool beside the bathtub is not even 1/2" tall. The bathtub is 1" tall. Sort of gives you an idea of the scale of all of this!

I think she's thinking, "It's glorious to have time to just sit down - even if it's on the toilet!" See the toilet paper to the left?

The little old ladies were black and white - color added with chalk.

Truly love the effect of netting!

tiny little paper flowers about 1/4" across. Yes, I nearly went blind today and I forgot my magnifiers!

I do like this little scene. The swam is about 3/4" tall. Just so tiny and delicate.

They're trying on new corsets. Love it!

And I think these 2 are just waiting until they can grow up and join in the fun!

What an absolute fun day! Most of what I used is from Crafty Secrets - they have wonderful stuff! I could go back and add wings.....but I think I like it just like it is!!!

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