Monday, June 8, 2009

The Art of A. Annabel Moore

I recently rearranged my studio and made half of it nothing but classroom space. So I had a blank wall. Bought a lot of mats and frames and got more of mom's original art posted for everyone to enjoy. Thought I would share it here.

A victorian house - this series is Kerry's pick.

This is one of my favorites - a college of self portraits of her:

Another victorian house:

Part of the roof of another house

This is watercolor on silk

A card she sent years ago

And I love this self portrait, too!

Imagine how inspired my students will be as they get to play with this on the wall around them!

Imagine how blessed I am to have a whole house filled with original watercolor paintings.  Ok, there's an oil, a couple of pastels.....but it's the watercolors that I love the most!!!

Truly fun to have guests come by and give them the "art tour".  I plan to make a sign to go above this wall that says simply, "the art of A. Annabel Moore".

Oh, funny story, a new friend was here and she did a self-tour.  She came back into the studio and asked, "do you collect A Annabel Moore?"  I said, You bet!!!


(in case you don't already know - A. Annabel Moore is my mom!)

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Anonymous said...

I have seen all of these paintings and they are even more marvelous in real life--they are indeed priceless to me because I know the painter. Playing in this studio is truly inspiring.