Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Revival time

HA! As in reviving the past art of crepe paper flowers. And then vintage tissue paper garlands, and then honeycomb cards!!!

Today - it's crepe paper flowers. So, I have to tell you, my good friend Torrey Scott once did a layout that was beyond amazing. She went to the thrift store and bought up all kinds of silk flowers. Took them apart. Traced each petal in white paper, then took those paper petals, reassembled them into all white flowers and framed her page with them. It was amazing!

But I'm not quite that industrious!!! But I still like my results:

and I did mine the lazy way. I folded 9 layers of crepe paper together and cut them with Spellbinders rose die and paisley die. Yep, you can cut 9 layers in one pass - the paper is that thin!

 Just pull them apart..... 

and layer smaller sizes between the larger sizes - here I alternated with white and pink

wrap a wire around the bottom and cover that with florists tape - 2 of the absolute cheapest products ever!

and then just twist as you pull the petals apart and give shape to your flower

So pretty!!!

OK, your turn to give this a try!!!

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