Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lea's graduation card

Our neighbor's daughter who is 33 just got her Master's in Library Science. Kerry asked me to make her a graduation card. Well, we don't go to many graduations and I don't have anything "graduation-y" in the house. So I told him we'd have to go buy her one.

And then I got to thinking about Lea. She is just so sweet, plays the piano, teaches piano to kids, loves books......and who says a graduation card has to be anything about "graduation"? I finally got myself out of THAT box! LOLOL!

Used some Basic Gray paper and diecuts and Susan Mostek's slider card design.  Even made an envelope!

Fell in love with this paper the more I worked with it. Amazing how many different cuts you can get out of it.

So, when you pull on the top fibers, the card slides open at the top and the bottom:

Here's a close up of the top

I used a Spellbinder's die to make a pocket to insert her gift check in the bottom part

And guess what?  She absolutely adored the card.  I'm pretty sure it was the only hand made card and I'm so happy I made it because I know she will love it!

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