Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 7 - Shopping Saturday

How perfect to start you day at 10 am having breakfast next to the ocean! This really is perfect!

Back home, I'm splitting out my Basement Babes into 3 play days: Technique Thursday, Fun Friday and Shopping Saturday. I had to get a head start and start "Shopping Saturday" here! LOL!!! I'm starting to really miss playing, so I thought today I'd go looking for new things to play with.

The other day, they stuffed a bag with crepe paper instead of tissue they must sell crepe paper somewhere here. And I see all these metal repousse it must be here as well! I just love it when I start out with a "mission" - a purpose - something I have to go find!

We grabbed a cab over to La Cruicita.  Now remember, we've been here before.  So we already have taken the tour of the village and been inside the church....but I thought another photo was needed since it is the largest church in the area and one of the oldest buildings.

This is the town square.  Across from here is the little place where Kerry likes the tortilla soup.  We went there and it was still the same....and he claimed the soup was just as good as ever.  So after 2 years, not much has changed at all!

Behind the restaurant is an indoor market. Soooo hot.  You can barely breathe.  I didn't last too long, and I didn't find crepe paper.  But I did find starfish in all sizes and dried sea horses.  I believe they are illegal to harvest in the US, but I like to use them to make molds for my projects.  I have a rather large one at home and was able to find 7 very small ones today.  And a bag of seashells to airbrush and add glitter to when I get back!  So I think it was a successful day!  I came back to the room and ordered crepe paper online!  LOL!!!

About 5 pm it started to rain.  And did it ever rain.  The sky just opened up and dumped buckets!  It was interesting to go eat in the Japanese bar as it's an open bar and the front 3 seats on each table were out in the rain.  We sat in the back.  It felt like eating on your front porch with the rain pouring down.  I didn't mind at all until we saw lightening hit nearby and the thunder clap was immediate and deafening!  

The tile floors were like ice so of course, Kerry was acting like he was ice skating on the way back to the room while I was clinging on to the rails for dear life!  Stepped out of the elevator on the 6th floor, not even considering there might be water in that location, and nearly fell to my death in 1/2" of was so slick.  Needless to say, I then "crawled" back to our room and we didn't leave again.  It was still raining at midnight.  This whole area should be lush in a couple of days after this.  I think tomorrow may be another vegge out day in the room as they will be cleaning out the pools for quite some time!

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