Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 11 - Wednesday wiped out day

Yep, I think we've rested so much, we are totally wiped out! Kerry got a bit too much sun yesterday, so we decided to vegge out in our room once again. I just love this! A whole day to learn more about photoshop. So, today, I learned how to wipe out an entire background and add a transparent background so I can turn anything into my own clip art. Pretty cool.

Did it here with a Lucy McGoo image and made a banner for the Starving Artist's Playground....our October retreat. Well, it's a start at least!

If you are interested in following along as we start to grow this Playground, you can check out our picasa album here:

The Starving Artist's Playground I'm sure we'll get a blog or a website up and running soon!

I decided to take a walk today and get a few more shots of the place.  This is looking from a bar, through windows, out to a patio lined with pots.

And this is looking through the bottles!  While it's all inclusive, we really didn't drink that much - way too sugary sweet with very little alcohol in the drinks here.  But hey!  They are free!

And water fountains these at the front entry.  It's so hard to photo water in motion...but can you see the pools above and below the water shooting up?

Lots of greenery covered walkways, too....keeps it quite nice and shaded when you walk around outside

And then I just had to get this photo  I had a 1973 VW Superbug for 14 years.  Loved that car.  And they have VWs all over the place down here.  It's so much fun to walk out and see them driving down the street.  Sure wish they still made them in this style in the US!

A truly restful day!!!  But sniff! sniff!  Tomorrow is our last!

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