Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 12 - Thursday - Our final day....this time!

We went downstairs today and found busloads coming into the resort! Yikes!!! I think the flu problems are over and people are pouring back in here! I'm just so glad that we came when we did and had the place to ourselves!

Took a walk along the beach. Yesterday, there wasn't a person out here!

The place looks huge when you look at it from the shore!

Quiet little coves keep us sheltered from wind and waves

I even jumped in the pool to get a shot of Kerry on the side.  Our little spot....where we have hung out most of this past week.  We finally made the move to the adult pool.....after the kids started screaming in the other pool!

Met a nice gal from Wisconsin today and we "shopped" together from the beach vendors.  Everything is way too cheap down here.  I bought a ring to match the bracelet and earrings we bought in town last week.  I love all the creative jewelry designs and will never be able to remember them when I get home.  Perhaps I'll spend tomorrow sketching what I can remember.

And I just liked the view from these 2 cabanas.  Life is great here. And I know that we will be back.  Perhaps to this very same's that wonderful!

Almost everything is packed, we have to check out at 8:30 tomorrow morning and then start our long trek home.  Back thru Mexico City and Dallas, we don't get home til 10 pm.  With the time changes, I think we are traveling about 14 hours tomorrow!   I just wonder what kind of "adventures" we'll run into!  Should be a great day.  But I will truly be sad to leave this place.  Think about it, Kerry and I have been side by side for 12 days without a break at all.....and we still seem to be speaking to each other!  Life is truly amazing!!!

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Elaine A said...

Jen -

I'm so glad that you and Kerry enjoyed yourselves. And that he is feeling much better. I am so waiting to see what artistic masterpieces come out of this vacation (cause I know the wheels are turning)! Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. Such wonderful photos.
Have a safe trip home.

Elaine Allen